Design for Change

We create design with a purpose. No matter which product, there is a wish for a change for the better, whether it’s in the little things or the larger context.

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For the Kitchen

For the Children

For the Children

For the Children

Colourful, educational and stylish wall art designed with children in mind. Make learning... 

Be a Good Friend Collection



We have chosen our packages with great care. They need to be sustainable, appealing and work just as well for stores as for e-commerce. Our prints come in two different sizes. 12x16” posters that come in exclusive, firm paper envelopes clearly labelled for the customer to see its content. Our larger posters, 20x28”, come in smart and great squared tubes that are easily stocked in stores and easy to send as e-commerce.

From Sweden with Love and Care

Creating an environmentally friendly and premium product was an obvious choice for us from the start. Kunskapstavlan® is therefore produced on eco friendly matte premium paper that is age-resistant and certified with the EU Ecolabel and the FSC forest management certification. All the prints are signed with our hand-embossed seal making each one unique. Manufacturing is located in Sweden at a Nordic Swan Ecolabeled printing  company. We want everyone who buys artwork from Kunskapstavlan® to have a sustainable product to keep and love for a long  time! 

The Story Behind Kunskapstavlan®

Growing up as the oldest sister in a large family, I early developed a sense of care and responsibility for others. We lived a simple life, which I am most grateful for since I believe it has given me a sound perspective of life and made me humble.

The idea to Kunskapstavlan® rose from a need that I saw in my surroundings, among my friends and their families. A need to make knowledge accessible and easier to remember. The problem solver in me and my never ending will to help, saw the opportunity in making great interior design and at the same time bring knowledge closer to our everyday lives.

I want to make a change. I am humble enough to realize we are only a small part of a larger context. But still, our illustrations are there to inspire to important talks between adults and children or among friends, they are there as an eye opener and a helping hand bringing knowledge closer to our everyday life.