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Be a Good Friend

Be a Good Friend

No child should be the victim of bullying, we can all agree on that. Despite this, bullying is still a reality for many children. In collaboration with an independent children's rights organization that initiated the World Anti-Bullying Forum, we are proud to present our Be a Good Friend Collection. Through this collaboration, we have learnt that preventative measures are the most effective ones to fight bullying. Our goal and our hope is that this print will be a contribution to this preventative approach. We want this print to inspire and help the conversation between children and adults, as well as being a daily reminder of how easy it is to be a good friend.

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A sustainable product

Creating an environmentally friendly and premium product was an obvious choice for us from the start.

Kunskapstavlan® is therefore produced on eco friendly matte premium paper that is age-resistant and certified with the EU Ecolabel and the FSC forest management certification. All the prints are signed with our hand-embossed seal making each one unique. Manufacturing is located in Sweden at a Nordic Swan Ecolabeled printing company.

We want everyone who buys artwork from Kunskapstavlan® to have a sustainable product to keep and love for a long  time!