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Water Smarts with Kids

Water Smarts with Kids

Wherever children and water go together, whether in a swimming pool, lake or wading pool, the experience should be joyful. We want this poster to help ensure that it always stays that way. Water smarts with kids conveys critical information about what you as an adult should think about when you are around water with children.

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    A sustainable product

    Creating an environmentally friendly and premium product was an obvious choice for us from the start.

    Kunskapstavlan® is therefore produced on eco friendly matte premium paper that is age-resistant and certified with the EU Ecolabel and the FSC forest management certification. All the prints are signed with our hand-embossed seal making each one unique. Manufacturing is located in Sweden at a Nordic Swan Ecolabeled printing company.

    We want everyone who buys artwork from Kunskapstavlan® to have a sustainable product to keep and love for a long  time!